For G & F

They say, of love, when alteration finds, it is not changed
But by love, am I rearranged
The pieces of me taken up, and built, anew
But this time, being formed with you.
And so, I give my form to thee
That your form, mine, might also be.

And of my joys, for evermore, 
I give you past and what’s in store
I give them so wholeheartedly, 
That giving, give myself to thee.
I bid you, your joy also give
That of your joy, my heart might live.

And in hoping, my hopes fall away
To make a way for yours
But yours and mine now interlock
And thus, entwined, construct a rock
Upon which, bid my heart to bide
For where your hopes are, mine reside.

And in fearing, fear should shatter
As when breeze bids sand to scatter
So my fears, before one sigh  
Of your believing heart's reply
Then my fears do you nothing make
When in your hand, my heart you take.

And of your woes, well they are mine
I claim them, by love’s sweet design
I gather them, wildflowers for love’s sake,
And of them, garlands shall I make.
So when your woes are overgrown
Then claim I sorrow as my own.

And when I rage, be you to me
Like earth is to the mighty sea
Withstanding evermore and evermore
Till tide comes gently ‘gainst the shore
Becalmed and, for now, rails no more
And you, withstanding, loving, loved me all the more

And when I laugh, and merry make
I bid you, soft, my hand do take
In yours, for in my hands  you find
And in the essence of my mind
And in my heart and very soul
Your heart, your mind, your being, All.

If life should throw us out to sea
I’ll throw my lot, cast out with thee;
For love is hope and hopeful too,
I chose to walk along with you.
So love, in loving let us be
Completely altered, you and me.

Note: From the cliff face against which this poem beats comes a disclaimer…of stolen sentiment. I was asked to read something at the wedding of a special friend a few years ago. I wrote this for them, and read it for them, declaring the writer as unknown. They were polite enough to pretend they didn’t know and polite enough to let me read it. I know it needs work, but lack the heart to change it.

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